Week 11-ECA课后俱乐部—这样的外教课程你们有吗?

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摘要: BasketballClub篮球俱乐部Inthepasttwoweeks,thestudentshavebeenpracticingtheirshootingskills.Withvariousactivitiesandshootinggames,thestudentsarebuildingtheirkineticabilities.Webeginourclasswithstretche ...


In the past two weeks, the students have been practicing their shooting skills. With various activities and shooting games, the students are building their kinetic abilities. 
We begin our class with stretches and a warm up followed by skills workshop. We complete every class with a quick game and cooldown. 
In the next week's, we expect to have different students joining us, so I hope to get a tournament started. 
                                                     Mr. Nick



Computer Club电脑俱乐部

Computer club has continued tobe a very student lead environment which provides students with thefreedom to pursue their interests, as long as it also increases theirability with or understanding of computers. This freedom is importantfor several reasons, as it allows them to develop as inquiring andreflective thinkers, but also doesn’t force them into learningsomething outside of their interest or current ability level. This isdoubly important when considering that the club has students ofvarious ages and backgrounds – trying to make all studentsstudy just one area of study (such as typing) would naturally rangefrom too easy to too challenging depending on the student. The trendof younger students being drawn to typing games with a competitivemultiplayer aspect and older students predominantly favouringanimation has been fairly consistent from one lesson to the next,though there are always exceptions amongst the students.



Dancing Club舞蹈俱乐部

Thelast few weeks in dance class we have used our knowledge to make newdances inspired by dance styles all around the world. We also learntsome belly dancing, and Miss Laura brought in her special skirts forus to try. They make a great noise when you are dancing with them. Weare having so much fun!


    上几个星期我们借鉴了来自世界各国的舞蹈编排了一个属于我们自己的新舞蹈。并且最近学习了肚皮舞,MissLaura 给我们带来了肚皮舞腰带让我们练习。当你跳舞的时候,腰带上的铜片互相碰撞会发出丁零当啷的声音,实在是太有意思了!!!

Arts&Crafts Club

Last week the children made paper plate fruits. Some of them drew different fruits like watermelon, apple, banana, orange, pear, lemon and pineapple and made small baskets. It was so cute so what started like a paper plate fruit ended up being a fruit basket.Afterwards they did a hand print flower pot in which they used their own little hands to trace the shape of their hands to create a flower. Also, very adorable! This week they did ninja turtle hearts. First they added the mask, then the googly ayes and finally the mouth. They made it extra special for their mothers because Mothers Day is coming up so we thought it could be a nice idea to give to mom on her special day. Finally the children did a rainbow flower made of colorful construction paper. 


Ako Maori

KiaOra! I nga wiki e rua kua pahure, ka timata nga tamariki ki te mahipoi. He ahua rereke tenei mahi, na te mea, he roa te wa kit e mahimai I tenei mahi. Heoi ano, ka mahi, ka mahi, ka taea!

Tamarikio te wiki!

KoVicky raua ko Nicki! I mahi pai raua I te awhi atu I o ratou hoa kite mahi poi. Ka pair a!!!!

AkoMaori students started making their own poi! It requires patience,perseverance and helping others. Making the poi requires studentswork together and be patient. They have done very well and are takinggreat care in making sure that they make good poi. Studentsof the week: Vicky and Nicki: both were patient and kind and helped their class mates to maketheir poi when it was a little difficult. Wonderful work!

WhaeaLily and Whaea Marlene



Vicky and Nicki富有耐性与善心的Vicky and Nicki乐于帮助同学,当她们发现有的同学制作自己的poi有些困难时,会主动过去帮助她们。



Ourafter school club has been hit by recent spells of heavy rain thepast few weeks which has caused delays in the football trainingclass. However it has not been all bad, with the few opportunities wehave had to play football outside the students have made greatprogress.

Overalltheir football handling skills and control have improved greatly andit can be seen with how much better and smoother our exercises andfootball games run.

Ontop of this the students now have a greater understanding and respectfor the game and its rules. Students are beginning to enforce therules such hand ball and ball out of play without me having to do so.


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