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摘要: Badminton Club 羽毛球俱乐部 This week I’ve been playing badminton with lots of different students and I’m really impressed with how much they’ve improved. Lots of new friendships have formed in the ...

Badminton Club 羽毛球俱乐部

This week I’ve been playing badminton with lots of different students and I’m really impressed with how much they’ve improved.  Lots of new friendships have formed in the club and the students are happy playing with different people each week and getting to know each other.  We’ve had a run of nice weather which has meant the students are able to run about more and get more exercise which is great!  All the students are really enjoying themselves, and I am too.



Singing Club 歌唱俱乐部

During our after school club we have been learning some famous pop songs that are really exciting and up beat. We have been experimenting with different instruments such as drums, xylophone, shakers and bells to jazz up our music and help us to understand rhythm. We really enjoy beating the drums to the classical song Adiemus, which we are learning little by little. We hope to be able to sing it all in a few weeks! We also like moving around to Waka Waka while we sing, and we always feel very happy and joyful after class!    

在这段时间的课后俱乐部活动里我们我们学习了许多快节奏的流行歌曲,同时也体验了许多的乐器如鼓、木琴等等,他们让音乐更生动也有助于我们更好的理解节奏。我们非常喜欢边打鼓边唱Adiemus,我们正在逐步的学习这首歌曲并且希望能够在几个星期之内唱完。我们也很喜欢跟随Waka waka的节奏舞动,我们非常喜欢课后俱乐部。 

Arts and Crafts手工俱乐部

In the GIPSB Arts and Crafts class, the art students are learning how to create objects and images that best help express themselves. Each class, the students are given a different variety of material, and are told to create their own projects. We have created face masks for Halloween, relief sculptures with putty, and a picture creating their dream home. Each student is encouraged to express themselves in the way they seem fit, and they have the opportunity to create what they like.


Yoga Club瑜伽俱乐部

Cosmic Kids Yoga! The students have done a range of exercises this week, mostly to burn of extra energy before settling into yoga class. We have done Sun Salutions, standing and sitting postures including mountain, plan, cobra, downward dog, cobra, warrior, tree, fish and pigeon poses. Well done!


Football club 足球俱乐部

For football club this week we had new students joining us from grades 3 & 4 and it sure was exciting. The new arrivals are very skilled at football and It has made the football club so much more interesting.  This week we did lots of freestyle play so that everyone got used to playing with each other and their styles. We finished by playing a British playground football  game called "Wembley shootout", where the students compete against I've another in teams of two to score goals. We are all Looking forward to next weeks football club !! 

本周的足球俱乐部,我们新加入了三年级和四年纪的学生,这让我们都特别兴奋。新成员非常擅长足球,使我们的足球俱乐部变得更加有趣了。本周我们采取比较自由的方式训练,主要是让孩子们彼此熟悉。本周我们还举行了一场英式足球赛“Wembley shootout”,学生们组成一队来对抗只有我们两名队员的球队,最终进球了! 让我们都期待下个星期的足球俱乐部会带来什么新的突破吧。

English Club 英语俱乐部

For the past week, we have building new blocks to our understanding of phonics. We are trying our hardest to nail down initial and final consonant sounds. I believe we should continue learning digraphs as well as long vowel sounds. 

I look forward to the next week's as we continue these learning blocks which will increase our students' confidence and listening skills.


Board Games Club桌游俱乐部

The children have been involved in the following activities:

1. Playing with blocks, using their imagination to build up various objects.

2. Playing the UNO card game. The first graders are learning colors/numbers in English due to the game.

3. They have been introduced to a new series of board games. They’ve been playing said games on a rotating schedule, meaning that they get a different game each week. This helps foster ingenuity and for them not to keep playing the same repeatedly.

The children are quite enthusiastic about the new board games. The rotating schedule means the games will take longer to get stale for the children. However, (the small girl from first grade, can’t remember her name) is always alone and refuses to play with the other kids. It may be because the rest of the class consists mostly on boys. She also refused to play with me when offered.


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