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摘要: Guangzhou International PrimarySchool serves the educational needs of thelocal community in GuangzhouBaiyun district as well as the other metropolitan areaof Guangzhou. We welcome children of all nati ...

Guangzhou International Primary School serves the educational needs of the local community in Guangzhou Baiyun district as well as the other metropolitan area of Guangzhou. We welcome children of all nationalities whose families are committed to an international mindedness educational curriculum.

Guangzhou International Primary School is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in education and employment. The school does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, disability, age, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational, admissions or employment policies. We may take into account factors including an applicant's prior educational and linguistic background for purposes of admission in order to fulfill the school's mission.

See below for further details regarding our admissions policy. 


Language Ability

Chinese is the language of instruction in all grades, while English is taught as a second language in the school. GIPSB has specialist Chinese as an Additional Language (CAL) teachers provide additional support and instruction for non-native Chinese speakers.

If we have some concern regarding an applicants ability to access the curriculum, we may require the applicant to attend school on a trial basis without obligation.

Special Needs 


We uphold the principals of a balanced education rooted in the firm belief in inclusion. Academic excellence is reflected in our philosophy of supporting and celebrating the diversity of learning needs within the school community. We endeavor to accommodate students with diverse learning needs to achieve their highest potential while celebrating their unique learning strengths and needs.

Applicants with mild social/emotional issues, learning difficulties or other special needs are referred to our learning support staff for evaluation. Admissions decisions are made by the relevant principal based on the recommendation of the learning support staff. If we determine that we are unable to accommodate a candidates specials needs, we will endeavor to direct parents to more suitable options.

Please note that any special educational, social/emotional, physical or behavioral issues and needs must be fully disclosed and described in detail in the application for admission. Reports of professional assessments, along with details of extra support the applicant is receiving, most also be provided at the time of application. Failure to fully disclose such information at this time may result in revocation of admission or, if discovered after enrollment, require withdrawal from school. Should significant social/emotional/behavioral issues or learning differences become apparent following enrollment in the school, we reserve the right to review a students progress and determine the appropriateness of his/her continued enrollment in the school within the context of our learning support resources and capabilities and in consideration of the overall classroom environment. This review will include close consultation with parents but may also involve requiring parents to obtain external assessment. If we determine that we are unable to accommodate a students special needs, or if parents are unwilling to obtain requested external assessments, the student will not be able to continue enrollment at GIPSB.

Nationality of students  

We accept all nationality of students. 


GIPSB is a boarding school and offers boarding facilities to students upon application. Please refer to the students boarding application procedure.

Class balance 

We strive to maintain a balance of genders, abilities and nationalities in each of our grade years and classes, and admissions decisions are made in accordance with this aim.

Grade Placement 

Our grade placement policy is based the need to ensure the quality and consistency of our academic programs, and the ultimate aim to place students in the most appropriate grade for their academic and social development. In almost all cases, placement is determined by age as of September 1st in the academic year of entry. However, in considering grade placement we may make rare exceptions to this age-based protocol to ensure there is a continuity of the student’s education and that they have completed a grade before entering the next grade. In all cases, the final decision on grade placement lies with the school. 

Placement in all grades is determined by age as of August 31st in the academic year of entry as follows: 


Age Range(As of August 31st)


6-7 years old


7-8 years old


8-9 years old


9-10 years old


10-11 years old

Year 6

11-12 years old


Screening, documentation and interviews

Children applying for admission to grades 1-6 are required to have a formal interview. We will take the opportunity to review an applicant’s eligibility. We look at current/prior school records and a confidential recommendation from a classroom teacher countersigned by the principal. Without obligation, we may also invite applicants to attend school on a trial basis to assess their ability to access the curriculum. 

Wait pool 

When the number of eligible applicants exceeds the availability of spaces for a particular grade year, students may be placed in a wait pool until space becomes available. Students with siblings already enrolled at GIPSB are given priority status within the wait pool, as are children of GIPSB staff and alumni, students returning to GIPSB who have previously attended GIPSB. We consider various other criteria in selecting students from the wait pool, including whether the student has other viable educational options, his/her level of language and general academic proficiency, and the gender and nationality balance of the class/grade. 

When placing an applicant in a wait pool, we try to provide the candidate with a realistic assessment of the chances and possible timing for admittance. However, candidates should be aware that, like most schools, the enrollment situation at GIPSB is dynamic and often unpredictable. We periodically contact parents of applicants in the wait pool to update them on enrollment status and to confirm whether they wish to remain in the wait pool.

Admission Decision 

Admissions staff, the head of academics and the principal of the school section for which the candidate is applying review all applications. Other school personnel, such as learning and language support staff, may also be involved in the review process. Admissions decisions are made by the relevant principal and the head of academics.

Once the application is complete, including receipt of school records, confidential recommendations and payment of the application fee, we usually issue a decision within a week or two for applicants. Decisions for applicants for all new entrants Grade 1 for the upcoming academic year are announced by May 20th.

Confirmation of offer and enrollment 

Applicants accepted for admission are asked to accept or decline the offer within one week of receiving notice of acceptance by contacting our admissions office. Once the offer has been accepted, parents will be sent an invoice for the one-time, non-refundable registration fee. They will also be sent a link to the online enrollment portal, where the enrollment process can be completed. In order to confirm enrollment and reserve a space for the accepted applicant, completion of the online enrollment process and payment of the registration fee is due within 30 days of receipt of invoice, or two days before the student’s first day of attendance, whichever comes first. These commitments must be made on a timely basis so that 1) we may ensure that places are held for accepted applicants who indeed wish to enroll and 2) in instances where accepted applicants choose other options, we may allocate places to other deserving candidates in the wait pool.












请注意,任何特殊的教育,社交/情绪,身体或行为问题和需求必须在入学申请中详细反映和详细描述。专业评估报告,以及申请人获得额外支持的细节,大部分也在申请时提供。在这个时候未能充分反映这些信息可能会导致撤销入学,如果在入学后发现,则需要退学。如果入学后出现重大的社会/情感/行为问题或学习差异,我们保留在学习支持资源范围内对学生的进展情况进行评估并确定他/她继续入学的适当性的权利, 能力和考虑到整体课堂环境。这一审查将包括与家长密切协商,但也可能涉及要求家长获得外部评估。如果我们确定我们无法满足学生的特殊需求,或者父母不愿意获得所需的外部评估,学生将无法继续在中大附属外国语小学注册。





中大附属外国语小学是一所寄宿学校,在申请时为学生提供寄宿设施。 请参考学生住宿申请程序。




我们的学位分配政策是基于确保学术课程质量和一致性的需要,以及使学生在学术和社会发展方面达到最合适水平的最终目标。一般情况下,入学的学年都是按照91日的年龄确定的。然而,在考虑年级安排时,我们可能会对这个基于年龄的教育计划作出特殊的安排,以确保学生的教育是连续的,并且在进入下一年级之前已经完成了上一个年级的学习。 一般情况下,关于年级安排的最终决定都在学校。



Age Range(As of August 31st) 截止831

Year1 一年级

6-7 years old   6-7

Year2 二年级

7-8 years old   7-8

Year3 三年级

8-9 years old   8-9

Year4 四年级

9-10 years old  9-10

Year5 五年级

10-11 years old  10-11

Year 6 六年级

11-12 years old   11-12









被录取的申请人在收到录取通知后的一周内,如果接受或拒绝录取通知,请联系我们的招生办公室。一旦家长接受价格,家长按照一次性收费政策进行缴费。家长们也可以通过学校发送的缴费链接进行注册。为了确认入学资格并为接受申请的候选人预留一个空间,申请人需要在收到缴费通知的30天内及缴费完毕,或者在开学前2天完成注册。这些承诺必须及时进行,以便1)我们可以确保保留对于确实希望报名的申请者的学位; 2)在已接受申请人选择其他选项的情况下,我们可以将这些名额分配给仍在等待的候选人。

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